Prenatal Risk Assessment Tool

Assessment tool available here. 


Maternal Mental Health

Community Health Group takes pride in providing its members with a Maternal Mental Health Program that adheres to the guidelines set by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program, and California Department of Public Health.

To be eligible, individuals must be an active member with Community Health Group and currently pregnant.

Services offered through the Maternal Mental Health Program are as follows:

  • Screening and Assessments

  • Mental Health Services

  • Case Management

  • Coordination of Care

  • Community Health Workers Services

  • Community Support Services


Please call the Behavioral Health Department if you have any questions about Maternal Mental Health at 1-800-404-3332.


Additional Resources:

ACOG Perinatal Mental Health link: Perinatal Mental Health | ACOG