Community Health Group's Compliance Officer is Elizabeth Martinez. As chair of the company's Compliance Committee, she wants you to be aware that health care fraud is a significant problem in the United States. As part of a growing national effort to address the problem, CHG encourages you to report suspected health care fraud.

ADA / Anti-Fraud Resources

Medicare Parts C & D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training and General Compliance Training   

CHG Diversity Training ADA  

Diversity Awareness Handout  

ADA Training   

CHG Compliance Plan  

5500 Policy on Breach Notification   

5500.1 Incident Report & CAP Form   

5500.2 Privacy Incident Report (PIR)   

5501 Policy on HIPAA – Security Requirements of DHCS Contract   

5501.1 Security Standards  

5502 HIPAA Sanction Policy

5502.1 Report of HIPAA Violation Form   

5503 HIPAA Fax Policy  

5504 HIPAA Work Station Policy

5505 Policy on Individual Rights   

5506 Notice of Privacy Practices   

5507 Use or Disclosure of PHI for Treatment, Payment or Health Care Operations or Pursuant to an Authorization  

5509.1 Health Care Fraud Prevention, Detection and Reporting   

5509.2 Managing Incidents of Suspected Fraud   

5511 Compliance with Deficit Reduction Act of 2005  

5512 Record Management & Retention Policy  

5514 Policy on Privacy Training

5515 Policy on Designated Record Sets   

5517 Policy on Requests for Confidential Communications   

5518 Policy on Uses and Disclosure of PHI Requiring Opportunity to Agree or Object

5519 Policy on Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information for Fundraising Activities

5520 Minimum Necessary Policy

5521 Policy on Incidental Uses and Disclosures

5522 Policy on Disclosures by Whistleblowers

5523 Policy on Business Associate Arrangements  

5524 Compliance Issues Oversight Policy and Procedures  

5525 Corrective-Disciplinary Action Policy   

5526 Employee Professional Conduct Policy

5527 First Tier, Downstream and Related Oversight

5528 Non Retaliation Whistle Blowing Policy  

5530 Risk Assessment   

5533 Regulatory Notification of Change of License Information Policy

5534 Glossary of Privacy-Related Terms

Fraud Examples  

Fraud Indicators