Pharmacy Benefits

Community Health Group manages your pharmacy benefit that includes drug coverage. We help you and your doctor find a pharmacy in our network where you can get your medication.

Beginning January 1, 2022 Pharmacy Benefits

Beginning 1/1/22, MedImpact is no longer managing the pharmacy benefit on behalf of Community Health Group. Now the pharmacy benefit is going to be managed by the state who has hired Magellan Medicaid Administration (MMA) to help them in managing this benefit and called it “Medi-Cal Rx”.

The new Medi-Cal Rx Beneficiary Portal offers information about the pharmacy benefit for all Medi-Cal members: Medi-Cal Beneficiaries | Home

This portal has a link for you to search the Medi-Cal Contract Drug List to find out what medicines are covered. You can Register and Login for secure portal access in order to share and discuss your Protected Health Information with a Medi-Cal Rx representative.

Please call, send a message, or chat with a Medi-Cal Rx representative for assistance with the Beneficiary Portal: Medi-Cal Beneficiaries | Contact Us

What is a Covered Drug List (CDL)

A CDL is a list of preferred drugs covered by Medi-Cal Rx. You can review their CDL to find covered drugs

Drug Prior Authorization Request

Some drugs require prior authorization (PA) a explain to Medi-Cal Rx why a specific medication or a certain amount of a medication is needed. Once Medi-Cal Rx receives the form, they review the information to determine whether the request can be approved. Then they will send you and your doctor a letter with their decision. They may require a PA if:

• There is a generic drug available

• The drug can be misused/abused

• There are other drugs that must be tried first

• The drug has a list of rules that must be met in order to use it

Find a Pharmacy

Search by pharmacy name, health plan, or location to find the nearest pharmacy to you.