CHG Medi-Cal Benefits

Below is a summary of Community Health Group (CHG) Medi-Cal covered benefits. If you have any questions, please reach out to our 24/7 Member Services Department at 1-800-224-7766 or TTY 1-855-266-4584.

You can also download the Community Health Group English Medi-Cal Member Handbook(EOC) for a complete list of benefits.

Health Services

  • Primary care doctor visits
  • Preventive Care
  • Immunizations
  • Medical specialist visits
  • Hospital and emergency care
  • Prenatal and newborn baby care
  • Laboratory services
  • Telephonic Advice Nurse (TAN) 800-647-6966
  • Medications

Doula Services

  • Doula Services include personal support to individuals and families throughout pregnancy and one year postpartum. This includes emotional and physical support provided during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period, as well as support for and after miscarriage and abortion.
  • Doula services require a written recommendation from a physician or other licensed practitioner of the healing arts. The initial recommendation authorizes the following:

    • One initial visit.
    • Up to eight additional visits that may be provided in any combination of prenatal and postpartum visits.
    • Support during labor and delivery (including labor and delivery resulting in a stillbirth), abortion or miscarriage.
    • Up to two extended three-hour postpartum visits after the end of a pregnancy.
  • An additional recommendation from a physician or other licensed practitioner of the healing arts acting within their scope of practice is required for up to nine additional postpartum visits. 

Behavioral Health Services

Long-Term Health Services

  • In-home supportive services
  • Multipurpose senior services program
  • Community-based adult services
  • Nursing facility care
  • Hospice care

Interpreter Services

  • Staff who speak your language (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi)
  • Interpreter services, along with American Sign Language, at no cost to you
  • Health education and enrollment materials printed in several languages at no cost to you
  • Materials in other formats, such as braille, audio or large print at no cost to you
  • Online English and Spanish Newsletters

Vision Benefits

Enhanced Care Management (ECM)

 ECM provides comprehensive care management to select high-need Medi-Cal members.

Community Health Workers (CHW) Services

CHG covers CHW services as a preventive benefit to: help members prevent disease, disability, and other health conditions or their progression; prolong life; and promote physical and mental health.


  • Emergency transportation
  • Non-emergency medical transportation
  • Non-medical transportation

Other Services and Supplies

  • Walkers, crutches, etc.
  • Hearing aids
  • Home health services
  • Medical supplies

Additional Resources for Members

Note: Some services require prior authorization before they are covered. Please contact the Member Services Department at 1-800-224-7766 for more information.